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Would you like to know the status of your rebate application?
No need to call the program office to find out if your application was received or approved — or when the rebate check was sent. Our new Rebate Status Tool lets you access the status of your application online, quickly and easily.

Here’s how it works:

  • Find the Pre-Notification Application letter or Final Application letter sent following receipt of your project application.
  • Locate the Project ID# and Project Zip Code numbers assigned to your application as shown in the letter.
  • Scroll down to the Rebate Status Tool below these instructions.
  • Enter the last five numbers of the Project ID# in the Project ID field.
  • Enter the Project Zip Code number in the Project Zip field.
  • Select “View Report.”

If the information was entered correctly, the details and status of your project application will appear in a window below the lookup bar. The “Status” field will provide details on where your application is in the review process.

If the information was not entered correctly, an error message will appear. Check your letter to confirm the numbers you entered in the Project ID# and Project Zip fields match the numbers on your letter.

If that fails, or if the information in the Status field includes a request to call the program office, please contact the Solutions for Business team at 866-277-5605.