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EasySave Program Process

The TEP Commercial Energy Solutions Team has made it easy for small business customers on an electric Rate 10 and K-12 schools to participate in the EasySave Program. First, the customer will select from among the approved contractors listed on the Trade Ally webpage. Once a program-approved contractor has been selected, they will guide the customer through our simple process to help the customer start saving energy and money.

Process Overview

1. Program Overview and Facility Survey (not an energy audit) by Program Approved Contractor.
2. Project Cost Proposal and Upgrade Recommendations.
3. Project Cost Proposal and Eligibility Confirmation by the Commercial Energy Solutions Team.
4. Pre-Installation Inspection.
5. Installation of Energy Efficient Equipment.
6. Post-Installation Inspection to Verify Installation.
7. Final Project Approval and Payment.
8. Start Saving Money on Your Electric Bill!

Download the Complete EasySave Program Process [MS Word]



Only TEP non-residential customers on a Rate 10 (or the Time-of-Use equivalent) and public and private K-12 schools are eligible to participate in the EasySave program.  Please refer to the Equipment Specifications page for details on what equipment is eligible for a rebate.

DNV GL Energy Services USA Inc. is implementing these Programs on behalf of Tucson Electric Power. These rebate program are paid for by Tucson Electric Power customers and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.