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EasySave Equipment Specifications

Are you curious as to what types of energy efficient measures are eligible for rebates?

Measure Name Rebate ($/unit)*

ASH Refrigerator Doors (medium temperature)

$17 per linear foot of case

ASH Freezer Doors (low temperature)

$17 per linear foot of case

High Efficiency Evaporator Fan Motors (ECM)

$100 per motor

High Efficiency Evaporator Fan Motor (ECM) with controller

$175 per motor

Strip Curtains

$5.00 per square foot

Compact Fluorescents

$0.03 - 0.15 per kWh saved


$0.15 per kWh saved

Exit Signs

$0.15 per kWh saved

Occupancy Sensors

$0.15 per kWh saved

Daylighting Sensors

$0.15 per kWh saved

LED Lighting

$0.125 per kWh saved

T8 Lighting

$0.15 per kWh saved

HID Lighting

$0.15 per kWh saved

Induction Lighting

$0.15 per kWh saved

AC Units

$125 to $675 depending on equipment

Heat Pumps

$125 to $675 depending on equipment

Programmable Thermostats

$50 per thermostat

Variable Speed/Frequency Drives

$75 per hp



   *Rebates are capped at 75% of incremental costs

To find out the details of what types of equipment will qualify for a rebate, please download the Equipment Specification document below.

Download Equipment Specification [MS Word]


DNV GL Energy Services USA Inc. is implementing these Programs on behalf of Tucson Electric Power. These rebate program are paid for by Tucson Electric Power customers and approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission.