Program Overview » How Do I Qualify?

The EBEW Program serves small to medium-sized businesses that use less than 200 kW maximum demand in the past 12 months.  The following Non-residential customers are eligible to participate:

PG&E Customers within Contra Costa and Alameda Counties, except the town of Alameda

MCE Customers within Contra Costa and Alameda Counties. Cities include Richmond, San Pablo, Lafayette, Walnut Creek, and El Cerrito.

Eligible projects may not be part of new construction, additions or expansion, first tenant improvement, or change in building function (for example, changing a facility from a grocery store to a gym). Please contact us for detailed eligibility and program restrictions. 


PG&E has additional programs that you may qualify for, if you do not meet the eligibility requirements of the EBEW Program.  Please contact the PG&E Customer Service line at (800) 468-4743 or visit their website at