For Contractors
Contractors are what make the EBEW Program so successful!  This section of our website is intended to provide Contractors with an introduction to the EBEW Program and an overview of our program operations.  

The EBEW Program is designed to provide comprehensive energy efficiency measures to small and medium-sized businesses in select cities within Alameda and Contra Costa Counties.  We offer incentives for lighting upgrades, refrigeration measures and custom projects.
The EBEW program works directly with qualified, Program Approved local contractors as the primary marketing and sales agents in order to bring the program directly to small businesses in the East Bay. Contractors that want to participate in the program are required to go through an approval process that includes obtaining past project references and verifying contractor licenses and insurance policies. Contractors are required to participate in training to ensure that they understand the program rules and requirements. 
In tandem with Program Approved Contractors, the EBEW program team oversees all critical aspects of marketing the program and installing energy efficient measures in order to guarantee comprehensive audits, quality control, and contractor accountability. The Program Approved Contractors are responsible for the measure selection, auditing the site, specifying equipment, and performing the installations. We provide contractors with program information and an Internet based tool to enter, track, and receive approval and payment for their projects. We review all project applications, perform all necessary inspections, disburse incentives, and work with the contractors and customers to ensure that the program runs smoothly. 
In order to become a Program Approved Contractor, contact the EBEW Team!  Contractor Applications and Agreements can also be downloaded from the Downloads page of this site.  If you have any questions or concerns in the meantime, please do not hesitate to contact us.