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The table outlined on pages 7-8 of the External Policy & Procedures (P&P) explains the contractor's role in the Program process. The contractor will be expected to complete each step in a timely manner. There are two ways that contractors can be assigned projects under this Program:

(1) Contractors may solicit eligible businesses on their own; or (2) contractors may be assigned projects originated by DNV GL.

Contractors must be Program Approved to participate in the EBEW Program and access the Proposal Generation Software. If a contractor is interested, they must submit a completed Contractor Application and Agreement (A&A) to the EBEW Program Team for review and approval.  The A&A can be found on the Downloads page located under the Program Overview menu.

Contractors are welcome and encouraged to solicit their own projects after becoming a Program-Approved contractor. DNV GL will provide program training to educate contractors on Program guidelines and procedures. DNV GL will also solicit projects directly and will assign those projects to Program-Approved contractors. In order to ensure customers receive services that meet their unique needs, the contractor selection process will use the following criteria: languages spoken and written, measures recommended in the proposal, proximity to the proposed project, contractor workload availability, and contractor references.

Being an approved EBEW Program Contractor does not guarantee any amount of work under the Program. However, projects that are solicited and developed by a contractor will not be reassigned to another EBEW Program Contractor unless the developing contractor does not comply with the program rules and the terms of the contractor agreement.

DNV GL has developed the Proposal Generation Software (web-based tool) for contractors to develop proposals, print project forms, and track projects. Contractors are required to use the system to generate projects. DNV GL will track all projects using the Proposal Generation Software.