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Referral Process

DNV GL receives customer referrals from PG&E that are logged and distributed to Program Approved Contractors as leads. These referrals are tracked by DNV GL and the status of each referral must be reported to PG&E on a monthly basis. The expectation is that the Contractor that has been assigned the referral will act on it expeditiously. It is in the Contractors best interest to accept and act upon the referral(s) in order to continue to receive additional referrals in the future. If the referral is accepted and results in a proposal, the Contractor may enter the PG&E representatives name in the project database at the time the proposal is generated. This section is found in the edit customer facility section.
  • Referrals are accepted via fax, email or by phone from PG&E, Third Party or Government Partnership program representatives, however, email is preferred.
  • Referrals will be given to Contractors that specialize in the measure(s) to be retrofitted at the referral site.  Contractor proximity to the customer(s) location(s) will also be considered when assigning referrals.
  • Contractors will be given 7 calendar days to follow-up on any referrals.
  • If a Contractor is unable to audit the site within 7 calendar days, DNV GL must be notified immediately. The referral will then be reassigned to another Contractor.

If you are with PG&E and would like to submit a referral to the EBEW program, please download a Referral Form from our Downloads page.  Send completed forms to  We will reply to your message within 24 hours.  Thank you!