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Deemed Measures

All energy efficiency products must meet PG&E’s specification and installation requirements to qualify for Program incentives, including but not limited to being listed in PG&E’s Qualified Products List ( for LED lamps and fixtures, as applicable. The PG&E measure catalogs provide deemed measure requirements.

Custom Measures

The EBEW Program Team will review each custom measure application on a case-by-case basis prior to approving the project for installation.  The review of these measures will be based on, but not limited to, the following criteria:

  • Demand and energy savings via the modified lighting calculator
  • Specifications
  • Inspections
  • Costs breakdown by materials and labor (lift, permitting, and other such costs are categorized as labor, not materials)

Custom measures must save electricity, natural gas, or both. It is at DNV GL’s discretion whether monitoring will be required by the contractor prior to payment. Contractors may be required to provide energy savings calculations for DNV GL and PG&E (or MCE) approval.


Participating Contractors will honor the following warranties:

  • 1 year labor warranty

 Manufacturer's warranty on equipment installed as follows:

    • 3 years - Fluorescent tube lamps

    • 10 years – Reflectors

    • 5 years – Electronic ballasts and LED fixtures/lamps

    • 1 year – Compact fluorescent lamps and adaptors

    • 1 year – HVAC controls

    • 1 year – Occupancy sensors and photocells

    • 5 years – Refrigerator Fan Controls

    • 2 years – Electronically Commutated Motors

    • 1 year – Other refrigeration measures