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DNV GL will pay the Contractor directly for the incentives approved for each project on behalf of the EBEW program.  The Contractor is responsible for collecting the customer portion of the project costs as stated in the Participation Agreement.  Contractors invoice the customer for the customer’s portion of the project cost only.


The value of incentives and direct installations is taxable. DNV GL will report incentives and direct installations greater than $600 to the IRS on Form 1099, unless you are exempt. Please consult your tax advisor concerning the taxability of incentives. The Contractor is responsible for any taxes imposed as a result of your receipt of incentives from this Program. 1099 will be issued for the Contractor, regardless of who the payee is, because the Contractor receives the benefits of the incentives.  Contractors must provide DNV GL with their tax identification number (TIN or FEIN).


Customer Invoices

The following language must be included on your invoices to the customer in both English and Spanish:

“La mano de obra y los materiales para la modificación de energía eficiente fué parcialmente pagado por un reembolso del Programa East Bay Energy Watch (EBEW).”

“Labor and materials for the energy efficiency retrofit was partially paid for by a rebate from the East Bay Energy Watch Program (EBEW).”